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DP Credit Bureau Pte Ltd (DPCB) is Singapore's premier consumer credit bureau. It is a recognised consumer credit bureau under the Third Schedule of the Banking Act. This was in effect on 25th May 2007 (ref. Gazette No. S215 under the Banking Act (Chapter 19) – Recognition of Credit Bureau dated 24th May 2007).

DPCB is a wholly owned subsidiary of DP Information Group (DP Info), Singapore's leading credit and business information bureau. DPCB operates as a component of the larger DP Info lines of credit and business information services. It leverages on the group's 30-over year experience in the knowledge and understanding of the national credit and lending market.

In 2011, Experian PLC, the world's largest credit reference agencies, became the majority stakeholder of DP Info. With this relationship, Experian brings to DP Info global technical and developmental expertise in a wealth of areas including consumer and corporate analytics while complementing the credit services at DPCB.